Do not exeed 250 Knots indicated below 10,000 feet ASL unless otherwise approved by ATC, or the classification of airspace you are flying in means you are exempt from the rule. This applies for both departing and arriving traffic.


Whenever practicable 122.800 and 121.500 should be continuously monitored via text mode only in uncontrolled airspace and when VFR in controlled airspace unless another frequency is more appropriate.


Aruba – TNCA
Bonaire – TNCB
Curacao – TNCC
St.Maarten – TNCM

Squawk code
  • Code 7700 – Aircraft Emergency
  • Code 7600 – Radio Failure
  • Note: The code 7500 (Hi Jack) is NOT to be used on the IVAO Network
  • Code 2000 – When entering ID airspace from an adjacent region when no SSR code has been assigned.
  • Code 7000 – When not receiving a service from an ATS unit in class F/G airspace

Altimeter settings are in millibars and standard setting is 1013

no atc

Intentions are to be broadcast always on text via 122.8