Guest Controller Approval

Members of other divisions other than IVAO-XC are not allowed to provide ATC on any of our Airports without formal permission of the XC-HQ, TC & TAC. If you would like to ask for this permission, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • you are at least ADC.
  • you have knowledge of TNCF-FIR and TNCM-TMA procedures.
  • you are able to provide ATC in the English language (voice and text)
  • you have a clean suspension history.
  • you have no more than 3 GCA´s in other Divisions.
  • you are able to perform theoretical and practical on GCA checkout.

The requirements may take into consideration the user’s behavior in the network, as well as his mind of the spirit of IVAO and the division spirit.

The GCA can be withdrawn at any time by Division HQ, if the requirements are not met anymore. Although there is no specific time limit associated with a GCA, all non XC members holding a GCA for the division must connect to a valid ATC position at least every 3 (three) months. A valid connection is deemed to be an active ATC position manned for a minimum of 30 minutes between the hours of 1500Z and midnight. Any GCA holder who has not made a valid connection within the previous 3 (three) month period will have their GCA approval removed.

Members with special circumstances may apply to have these restrictions waived by contacting the training department who will determine if an extension to the 3 (three) month ruling can be granted. Any member whose GCA has been removed as a result of the 3 (three) month rule must send a new application and proceed with the full process.